Xbox One vs. PS4: Which console is king in 2019?

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are no longer individual consoles, but their platforms span thousands of games. That makes choosing between them harder than before – but we think there is a clear favorite in the battle of Xbox One vs PS4. 

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In this article, we have compared them in categories and picked up the winners. 

Performance, controllers, ports & storage

1. Performance 

Both systems can play many of the same game and the performance depends on the console you are using. The slim PS4 is more powerful with the ability to typically display the games at a higher resolution. But on most TVs, the PS4 title will look simply better. The best course of action is to see how your favorite game is performing on each before making a decision

In PS4, many games run at a smooth 30 or 60 frames per second without issue(it’s still worthy to keep in mind). Where the Xbox One is capable of running many games at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.  

If you are investing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles, however, the Microsoft gains the edge.


2. Controllers

The standard Xbox One controller retains many of the core elements of the 360 controllers. It also adds two more rubber motors and looses its bulky battery back on the back. It has a smaller thumb pad on the analog stick, which will find some refreshing. 

The DualShock 4, on the other hand, it has vast improvements across the board when compared to the other previous DualShock controllers. It comes with outward curving triggers, along with a clickable touchpad on the front with a multifunctional lightbar. The thumb pads are larger than the Xbox controllers, that’s simply in line with the controller itself. 

Overall, the PS4 controller feels a bit harder, comfortable and will fit most gamer’s hand better. 

Winner: PS4

3. Ports and storage

Ports tell a distinction between the Xbox One and PS4. Microsoft has packed an IR Blaster and two HDMI inputs into the one. It allows you to connect the console to satellite boxes and cable TV. But Sony omitted these ports and it’s clear that Microsoft wants to win over a wider demographic of consumers.

Both consoles do tout an ethernet port, as well as two USB inputs, but only the PS4 comes with the camera port at this point. Both consoles are available with a minimum 500Gb of storage space, which is enough to have a decent collection of games and other media.

Still, 1TB of storage is the minimum for most desktop PCs. Luckily both system’s storage can easily be expanded via external hard disk.

There’s one thing separating the Xbox One and PS4 in terms of connectivity and storage. The Xbox wins due to its wider selection of ports.

Winner: Xbox One

Overall Winner: PlayStation 4

Both the consoles certainly offer a lot, we have to give an edge to Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Xbox One is a better console for non-gaming applications and content. But what cates the most about, you can also get those features in a Roku, Apple TV or any other dedicated device that stream content for a fraction of price. 

If you are buying a PS4 or Xbox One and enjoy the gaming experience and in this case, Sony has built a better-dedicated gaming machine. Sony has stronger support for independent developers and both the current and future game lineups look better for PS4 than for Xbox One. 

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