How to see who viewed your Instagram?

see who viewed your instagram

Instagram is the most trending social media and image sharing a social network. Its extraordinary characteristics are the main reason for its popularity. Nowadays, Instagram is part of Facebook, so people love it. We can see the profile of every user of the Instagram. But many of us were interested in knowing who saw my Instagram profile.

Today almost all celebrities are in contact with the fans and share their local social lives in Instagram. It also helps the business peoples, webmasters, bloggers to become a brand.

If you think that you can not see who saw your Instagram profile, them you are wrong. You can see who has seen your profile regularly. But instagram does not allows you to control your stalkers.

Nowadays, people are crazy about rank and popularity. Even students from school and university want to be known and check their popularity. If you can check who’s following you on Instagram, you can measure your popularity. Stalkers and followers are generally good, but you should not forgive your safety. Sometimes stalkers can be dangerous. Here we go with the ways to see who saw your Instagram profile.

Who saw IG profile?

Followers Insight application:

Using Follower Insight application, you can see who sees your profile on Instagram. It tracks your stalkers, people who follow and unfollow you or blocked on Instagram. You will get notifications for all three activities. We discovered that this application provides you with a better idea of people who view your Instagram profile and easy to know the stalkers on your profile.

Who viewed your Instgram:

Who viewed your Instagram is an application using which you will get the reports of followers who visit your profile and are interested in your Instagram posts and profiles. Wonderful to see who are all watching your Instagram account with this application. You will get a report about followers who are all interested and involved visiting in your posts on Instagram.

Views for IG application:

“Views for Instagram” app is one of the best options to find those who watch or stalk your Instagram account regularly. This application is free of cost and it has a good user interface. We believe that this application delivers 100% accurate results.


The above-mentioned methods will help you to track stalkers and followers of your Instagram, account. These apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple app store.

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