How to play warframe – A Complete Walk-through

How to play Warframe

Warframe is an interesting multiplayer action game, where a player undertakes different missions, build warframe, weapons, and equipment. As a Tenno, you can explore beyond the solar system. You can play the game online with other players or it can be played alone. 

How to start playing Warframe?

How to play warframe

The first thing you need to do in your game is to pick your first Warframe build. There are three starter Warframes, you need to choose any one from them as your first Warframe to play your game. 

Starter Warframes


Excalibur is one of the beginner Warframes that a starter could choose. It is one of the oldest and most beloved Warframe. His Passive is Swordsmanship. His special abilities are:

  • Slash Dash
  • Radial Blind
  • Radial Javelin
  • Exalted Blade


This warframe is one among the starters which you would see when you enter into the game. Her passive is Magnetic Attraction. Her special abilities are:

  • Pull
  • Magnetize
  • Polarize
  • Crush


Volt is an agile warframe that has substantive skills that benefit him and his squad. His passive is Static discharge. Special abilities of Volt are:

  • Shock
  • Speed
  • Electrick shield
  • Discharge

Play your way

Have you picked your starter Warframe? If you’ve chosen your Warframe, then you will be given access to play with its abilities on your first mission by collecting the free equipment along the path. 

As a new player, it is in your hand to unlock the solar map as much as possible. This means that walkthrough all the mission nodes on your path to each planet’s junction. On each planet, you should give a tough fight to scale up your level.

How do I become a master in the game?

There are two essential ways to master in Warframe:

  • Rank up 
  • Mod the weapons and Warframes you have 

If you have ranked up and upgraded your weapons and warframe and searching for something more powerful, acquire new weapons and warframes through your gameplay.

Equip yourselves with these top builds for Warframe to improve the abilities of your build.

Final Words

There are so many options to play the warframe. Play the game for a few hours and you’ll find more ways to win the battle in order to level up. We hope we’ve given you some ideas to begin your Warframe journey.

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