How to avoid tolls on google maps?

avoid tolls on google maps

You may be avoiding tolls for many reasons like saving on travel expenses, to avoid traffic rush on the highways and even your route is not so far. The governments borrow money to build roads and end up collecting tolls from the road users, in order to pay back the money they borrowed. Here we go with how to avoid tolls and roads (and traffic) with Google Maps.

One of the most important features that you have to know as a google map user is avoiding tolls while driving with the help of google map. There are many further ways to improve the guide of map, if you want to dive into the setting of your favourite navigation application.

To avoid toll roads, the google map can deviate you from the highways if you prefer to avoid ferries and scenic route. The only problem here is avoiding the modern comforts an almost increase the mileage and driving time but it makes your day a little better.

Follow the steps given below to avoid tolls on the google maps.

Get ready with your Google map and enter your desitination place where you want to go.

Before Starting your travel, you need to press the three-point overflow button in the upper right corner in the navigation screen.

  • You can see many options on the menu like reverse, add stop, share directions, share your location, and so on.
  • Tap on the route option.
  • Click on the Toll Check box to avoid tolls.
  • You can avoid tolls, roads or ferries by simply clicking on the check box. Once you changed the option, it remains the same until you deactivate it.

If you have to go long or live in a city where there are many toll gates, yur financial savings can run out easily. Saving on tolls you will be probably end up spending fuel, it is worth than toll.


Here, this is how we can avoid tolls with the help of google maps. You can save the money on your tolls. It is worth for spending on the fuel price. You are free to ask the queries or doubts regarding how to avoid tolls using google maps, in the comment section given below.

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