How to use Google calendar?

How to use Google calendar

Calendar software is quite useful. It helps popular socialites to avoid missing important appointments. There are several calendar programs on the market, one of thus such growing application in popularity is the Google calendar. It was created by Google Corporation. It allows the users to create a personal calendar after signing up in the google …

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How to avoid tolls on google maps?

avoid tolls on google maps

You may be avoiding tolls for many reasons like saving on travel expenses, to avoid traffic rush on the highways and even your route is not so far. The governments borrow money to build roads and end up collecting tolls from the road users, in order to pay back the money they borrowed. Here we …

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How to see who viewed your Instagram?

see who viewed your instagram

Instagram is the most trending social media and image sharing a social network. Its extraordinary characteristics are the main reason for its popularity. Nowadays, Instagram is part of Facebook, so people love it. We can see the profile of every user of the Instagram. But many of us were interested in knowing who saw my …

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